Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seagull 12-string Tritone

This is my other 'Baby' my Seagull 12-string guitar. I opened the photograph in Photopaint and using the Image> Color Mode> Duotone and selected the Tritone function.

Gave me this nice warm color to the photograph.

I visited Village Guitar today and played an Ampeg Electric 6-string guitar and really enjoyed myself. I tuned down to the Double Drop D and played around with some chording and a little bit of lead. Man, it was a good time!

I would like to add an electric to my paintbrushes of music. It would add so much to it. I did learn a different way of holding the guitar. You cradle it between your legs like a Classical Guitar player, tilting the neck in toward your body, very cool. Being self-taught I suppose I have all sorts of bad habits in my playing style. Always great to learn something new!

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