Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paul Cowley - Bluesman

Well, I will soon be wrapping up this series of portraits from the Blue Front Blues Room. Photograph credit to John Anderson.

I like the warm tone of this particular image. I used PhotoPaint's crayon filter for it's softer appearance. Adding the line work from Thredgeholder.

I am slowly coming out of the mid winter blues and am happy it is sunny today. Those overcast days get to you after awhile. I look forward to warmer weather, as many people do.

I have been reviewing my tunes for "One Tough Baby" CD and I have yet to complete the number of songs for it, I have 11 already. I need to do some Rock tunes for it that will really round it out, and maybe a couple more Oldies, interpreted by my style. That should just about do it.

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