Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Singers

Two Singers is a music related image that is not about guitars but performance. Two very differing voices sharing a moment in time singing together. Music is not only the instruments one uses but the voice one uses as well.

My voice doesn't have much range and certainly not the force it had when I was a younger man. But I still enjoy singing a great song, an oldie or one of my own making.

Both of these two young men are multi-talented musically and are really good songwriters. One is absolutely a genius with computer recording and is very much the perfectionist. (He is on the right) He started playing piano at 3 or 4 years old. And has programmed an operating system starting at a young age.

He has used Renoise, a computer program for music editing to great success. He is just plain good at it!

The other young man writes and sings his own compositions, too. He has written many really good songs, musically and lyrically. (On the left) His song can be soothing love songs. But I am certain he can rock as well.

This photograph was taken by my son and manipulated by myself. I used Paint.NET and PhotoPaint to make this piece.

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