Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dualing Gibsons

I'd love to own a Gibson guitar, but then again I'd love to own more than one guitar, which includes many styles and types. Original photograph by John Weigel - used by permission.

Here I created a version of dual Gibsons in computer colors, using PhotoPaint. This f-hole hollow body electric is a beauty of a guitar. It reminds me of one of the first guitars I learned on, it looked a lot like these but was a different make.

I remember that the action was terrible, the strings were so high on it that it hurt to play it. I got it from my Uncle who had never gotten the action adjusted. I was really happy except for that, I had a fancy guitar that was all that mattered.

Later my parents bought me a Harmony Acoustic guitar as a gift. That was the first guitar I had brand new. It's action was marginally better and I still had to press down on those strings pretty hard to play legit chords. Only later on did I get a Woody pickup and a tube amplifier. Man did I like feedback and tremolo in those days! Much later I bought my first 12-string, it was a Crestwood, the action was much better. I used to use GHS heavy gauge strings for the big sound, and I think this ultimately ruined the neck because of the stress of those strings.

In those days I did not tune down to a lower pitch, so I was very stupid about guitar care and keeping. I sold that guitar for a few dollars to Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan. I had also purchased a 6-string Fender Acoustic that had been through a fire but was fine to play. I remember that we needed money then as the economy was bad and we were so tight we sold both guitars and a fiddle my wife had. I was sad to see them go and it was quite awhile before I had another guitar.

All in all I have had a few good guitars but the Seagull 12-string I have now is the best of the bunch. My Takamine 6-string acoustic was a good guitar, but I had to sell that one and an amp too, times were tough again. I have been able to keep the Seagull for a long time now. I did have the action adjusted on it. And I now tune it down to a lower pitch even though I don't use those heavy gauge strings anymore. It is a good guitar.

But as I said I'd love to have others. Martin, Fender Electric, Epiphone, etc. I'd like an electric 6-string for learning more about playing lead guitar and blues and slide guitar. Someday maybe I'll win one in those online contests I keep entering.

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  1. Have you seen the movie, "Stranger Than Fiction"

    This post about guitars reminders me of that movie, if you have not seen it then be sure to rent it sooooon. You'll love it.