Friday, February 6, 2009

Experiments in Photo Montage

Here is another experiment in digital montage/collage work. I used many of the same methods described in my previous post.

Once again I used a photograph of a young lady and some Dover Publications Clip Art, and a quote from a Gutenberg Press novel.

I have found these types of pieces to be fulfilling to create and enjoyable to look at. The combination of each individual piece of the whole makes for an entertaining image. Each one adds interest and depth to it.

I don't do scrapbooking but if I did I would do it digitally using the same tools I use to create images like this.

I am going to add a link to Picasa 3 for those of you who have an interest in using it to keep track of your photographs and digital images you create. It is a good tool for that and has other functions that make it interesting to use in conjunction with your other image or photo editing software. So look for it and give it a test run to see if you like it as I do.

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