Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dan and His Epiphone

This is my friend, Dan, playing his Epiphone 6-string guitar. Dan is quite talented but is very modest about his abilities.

He knows how to read tablature and play it, and is willing to help me learn it too. But time constraints plague us all. So I haven't taken advantage of it yet.

We have similar tastes in music (he likes the Eagles) and he also likes to do karaoke singing. When we visit we have a great time singing oldies and laughing it up when we make mistakes and plain goof off with funny songs like 'Elvira', or some other odd songs he has in his collection.

I got this photo of Dan from him. I opened it in PhotoPaint and I masked him out. I did the background usings Harry's filters patterns then adjusted the pattern with PhotoPaint's Custom> Alchemy> filter. I saved the image and opened it in Paint.NET and using the Artistic> Ink> filter I altered it to have this inklike appearance. Oh yes, while in PhotoPaint I adjusted the Saturation by 15 to boost the colors.

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