Sunday, March 1, 2009

Collage - Ticket Stubs - Guitar - Paisley

I was working on an idea of two guitars for this collage and I remem-
bered I had a couple of movie ticket stubs. I also wanted to add some paisley to the image so I found some paisley in my samples of Dover Publications Clipart. I added some DaVinci images and created this piece.

By the stubs you can tell how often we go to the movies. Usually we rent the DVD when it comes out. But here you can see "National Treasure 2" and the fine animation flick "Wall-E". Both great movies.

I had the image of a gal playing guitar where the body of the guitar was almost white because of the photograph and the way it was taken. So I added some wood texture to it. I cut it out of the photo in PhotoPaint and I had it treated in Paint.NET with the Artistic> Ink filter. I left the hands in the image on purpose because I liked the disembodied feel it gives the viewer.

I had used KPT Collection's FraxPlorer for the background giving it a crayon look and feel with PhotoPaint's Effects> Art strokes> crayon filter. I over laid all the other pieces in PhotoPaint.

So here is a piece with disparate parts making up the whole with a look of a Journal page to recall the two films the ticket stubs describe.

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