Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mayan Piper

A few years ago we had visited a festival in Howell, Michigan. They had Hot air balloons, a car show, and different kinds of live music, and lots of food.

I was using my APS Fujifilm Endeavor 4000SL film camera in those days. It would take panoramic size photographs. I scanned this one in and using Picasa 3 I located it under a folder named oddly enough "OldPix".

They mixed their live sound with guitars and these Mayan type pipes, along with drums. It made a very interesting and enjoyable musical experience. They really knew what they were doing.

I used Paint.NET's Artistic> Ink filter and saved the file. Opening it in PhotoPaint I copied it to the clipboard and then used Harry's Filters plugin for the background color. It turned out very dark after I pasted the image as an object onto the colored background. I used the Object Properties> Multiply to make it transparent. Then merged the object with the background. I simply used Image> Adjust> Gamma to make it less dark, rather than change the brightness of the piece.

It has a flavor all it's own. I loved hearing these pipes played.

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