Monday, March 9, 2009

Memories of Times Past - Guitars and Violin

You may or may not remember an earlier post where I described the sale of our instruments due to a budget shortage, which took place years ago. I found this photograph in my older photos and it was of the very same instruments.

My old 12-string and 6-string guitars and my wife's violin (fiddle bridge) are here depicted.

I took the small photograph opened in PhotoPaint and resampled it by 150%. I used Tune Blur to soften the photograph with Directional Smooth, a few times. This gave me a workable image. After saving the image I opened CorelTRACE and did an Advanced Outline trace to the image, saving it again with a different name.

I opened this vector image in CorelDRAW where I resized it to fit the page. I copied it to the clipboard and then opened it from there into PhotoPaint again. I decided it needed something extra.

I opened the resampled photograph in Paint.NET and used the Effects> Artistic> Pencil Sketch filter on it and saved that under a different name.

I then resampled both images to 1024x610 in PhotoPaint. I then copied the pencil sketch to the clipboard and closed it. I pasted it as an object into the colored image, changing the object properties to Subtract, which made it transparent except for the lines. Then I merged them together to create the piece.

I used Mask> Select all> then using the 3D Bevel effect I added the frame around the image at 10 pixels.

This was my first 12-string on which I used the GHS Heavy gauge strings on, like Leo Kotke, he used heavy gauge strings. And the 6-string was a Fender that had survived a fire.

Those were good days when I had those two guitars. I remember them fondly.

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