Monday, March 2, 2009

Vector - Hugh and Guitars

I worked on this today. I have a great photograph of photographer Hugh Hill which I opened in CorelTRACE and turned into a vector image.

I took Apophysis and created a fractal background. I altered Hugh's photo in CorelDRAW by ungrouping the vector and move or to delete from the original.

I needed a guitar image so I went to Flickr and found a multi-guitar photograph with a Creative Commons License.

I also altered this photo by using the same process described above. I opened all in PhotoPaint and began to build this collage. Changing the object properties to make them transparent. I dropped them to form this piece.

I found that I had created quite a bit of white space so I added a black frame to it, about 15 pixels wide. That pretty well finished it off.

I'm listening to Raising Sand again. I really am enjoying this CD by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. The music has such an unusual feel to it. A combination of acoustic and electric sound and great vocals by these two artists. I recommend it!

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