Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tritone - Stone Village Backdoor to Barn

I have been keeping up this series of images from the Stone Village in Jackson, Michigan as tritones. I love the warmth and the stone work is fascinating to me. I do have a color image of the Turret On the front of one of the buildings there, but alas, I have yet to find it again. It is on one of my many Zip100 disks and you can imagine how difficult, and time consuming it is to find a badly labeled Zip100. My own fault. I should have labeled more carefully. If I find it I will share it here, if not this is the last in the series of images from Stone Village.

I have been promoting my blog as best I can, I now have a link to Buzzer Hut at the bottom of my blog page. I have worked at this for sometime. Promoting a blog is hard without an advertising budget and even more difficult when one does not sell anything from the blog or from say Etsy, or Ebay. I am uncertain as to the saleability of my work. I create therefore I create.

Hmm, one of my email updates just introduced me to Dr. Detroit's Motorcity Rocks blog, as I live near Detroit, Michigan it is one I will check out. It looks interesting and it has some good graphics going for it. I just hope the journalism is clean and not full of real world swearing. I am always disappointed when a blog reduces itself to using swearing to make it appear 'hip'. My preference. Keep it clean. Swearing can be a poor form of expression and just used when one is at a loss for words. Takes some imagination to blog consistently I'm sure you'll agree.

I will soon return to my guitar motif as I search for the Turret image. I do so love good music!

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