Monday, March 16, 2009

Electric Guitar Player

I found this Photograph in my older pix files. I don't remember the source. If you know of the source or recognize the image, please leave a comment so I can credit the photographer! Thanks!

I took the file and opened it in Paint.NET first, used the Artistic> Ink Sketch> filter on it. I further used the Artistic> Pencil Sketch> filter and saved the file.

I opened the original photo in PhotoPaint and filtered it through KPT's Collection Pyramid Paint. This gave it a painterly feel. I then opened the Paint.NET file I created prior to this and copied to the clipboard. I took this and pasted as an object into the painterly original. Using the Object Properties set to Multipy I added the lines to the piece. I merged it to the background.

I then created a mask around the guitar player, still in PhotoPaint, and adjusted the background with Effects> Custom> Alchemy>; this made the guitar player stand out. I cropped the image to focus more on the guitar player.

Notice the CRATE amplifier. I enjoyed working on this digital manipulation, it made a very nice piece.

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