Monday, March 23, 2009

Tritone - Stone Village Hovel

I made mention of the Stone Village in my previous post. Here is a house or small hovel, the photograph taken at the Village.

Using Corel's PhotoPaint I altered the image to a Tritone and then converted it back to a 24-bit color image. If you look closely to the left side you can see where I used KPT's Collection Projector filter to straighten the photograph. I also added a slight brown frame to it for better balance.

I love these warm tones as it builds an image that is closer to what the stone colors were like at the time the photograph was taken.

As you can notice I am having an much better day, thank you. And I just got done putting up a bathroom fan with my wife. Something we have needed since the old one broke down. One little project on the house. We have many, it's a list that is intimidating to one who is not a fixer-upper.

Ahh, music, still in a dry spell, but much more positive today. It will break soon I can feel it. So in the meantime I am listening to many new songs that I am unfamiliar with. Helps me want to stretch my talents beyond my usual fare. Those of us who do songwriting need to do that so as not to grow stale and produce the same sound all of the time. I have been playing so long by myself that I tend to do just that, stay safely within my style. I need to grow and listening to others songs can be cathartic.

It is warmer and sunny today and the lake is beautiful, partly cloudy but some blue out there. Lends itself to a more upbeat outlook. Hope your day is a great one.

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