Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guitar - Takamine - Close Up and Personal

Just a simple post continuing to feature guitar images.

This Takamine 6-string was the one I sold to my piano playing friend who learned to play it so fast it made my head spin!

It is from a number of photographs I took of it while I owned it. I opened it in Paint.NET and used the Artistic> Ink Sketch> filter on it, and that's it. Just a simple filter effect.

I liked it immediately and wanted to share it in the raw so to speak. If you look closely you can see part of the Takamine seal on the inside of the guitar.

I received in the mail a USB drive from my nephew in Alaska. He sent me a collection of songs that I am listening to now. What a good collection it is, I am not bored at all, great songs. Music from NPR I believe. He had recently listened to my CD Redeye Blues and liked it and wanted to hear more of my work and proposed a swap. So I am sending the USB drive back to him with all my recordings on it. I am hoping he and his family like what they hear.

Some of the recording comes from years ago (1980's) and progress to my more recent work. About six Audio CD's worth of mp3's. There were many dry periods where I did little to no music or decent poetry or even played the guitar, hard to believe I know. But I, like others have had many changes in my life. And sometimes the music wasn't part of it. Though I've always listened to what music came my way, I haven't always written regularly. I am happy that I have the Toneport UX1 and Gearbox to do recording now. Since I have been back in the creative mode again both with Visual Art and Digitally.

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