Saturday, March 21, 2009

Corel's Painter 8 - Hugh's Girl Portrait

A Digital Painting project, done in Corel's Painter 8. Based on a photograph by Hugh Hill.

I did this image back in 2006 and it is one of my best painted portraits done in Painter 8. I am especially happy with the way the hair turned out.

It was done so long ago I am not certain if I used the Oil or Acrylic brushes to paint this. I did it with my Wacom Graphire tablet, which is getting old now and needs replacement.

I am listening to the Doves "Caught by the River" right now as I post. A mellow song with a great feel to it. Nice guitar work and singing, very polished.

I am going to save up for that soundhole guitar pickup I mentioned recently. I have forgotten the manufacturer's name, but it will be a good addition to my recording. It may take a couple of months because I don't want to use credit and pay for the interest. So save I must. Much to my bookkeeper's chagrin I also want to subscribe to Dooley's Drums for some backbeats also for recording. Like many I am always looking for ways to improve my recordings.

I have been rather dry with songwriting lately. I have written three poems that may make it into a song or two, but that remains to be seen. They are rather free form with rhyming no story to tell just experiments with words and rhyme. The title's are "It's All You Need"; " Make Some Tracks"; and "Warm and Green". We'll see what becomes of these poems as lyrics.

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