Saturday, March 7, 2009

Painted Guitars Collage

I took a few photo-
graphs of my guitars, and an abstract I had done a while ago (I use it as my masthead) and using Picasa 3 I made a collage.

I opened the collage in Painter 8 and painted using differing brushes, watercolor, ink, etc., using the clone operation to keep the collage visible.

I have finished two new songs. I was able to work on "The Gossamer Veil" and polish it up and add some background singing and lead guitar as well.

The just playing around with a drum loop from Dooley Drums, I played a chord progression of Em - Em7 - Em6 - F - D and G - C - G - C -D I added some lyrics from an old poem written in 1978. I added a few words as a refrain/chorus. With some lead guitar I had a song! "I Wanna Go Home".

The words are about working in a less than comfortable situation, with a supervisor that was always hard on me and accusing me of things I did not do or do right. But I admit in the lyrics that neither of us are perfect. But still it made me want to go home where I didn't have to deal with that.

Now the day was warm and sunny, I think I do much better in the good weather being creative with music, than in the gloomy winter cold. But I imagine that many do better when the sun is out, I am not alone in this I'm certain. Today is foggy and rainy, I am enjoying listening to what I did yesterday.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Kirk Mathew Gatzka - I Wanna Go Home
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