Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warm Guitars - Dry Lyrics

I have shared here a collage I did a while ago using both the 12-string Seagull and the 6-string Takamine guitars. I had owned the 6-string at this time and was getting ready to sell it. I sold it to a piano player who is so talented he picked up guitar playing very fast. He has written some extremely good tunes and since he has moved I haven't kept too much in touch with him. I'd like to hear any of his newer music.

The image has a warm soft feel to it that I enjoyed producing. I used PhotoPaint and the Effects> Art Strokes> Crayon filter on it as one of the effects.

I have played the recording of "The Gossamer Veil" for some family and they liked it, so satisfying to create and have an appreciative audience. My wife thinks that "I Wanna Go Home" is 'growing on her', as she listens to it a few more times she is liking it better. Not all songs I write are good, obviously some are better than others.

I have been dry lyric wise that is why I have been going through my old poems and writings from long ago to the near present. I am selecting ones that work with music. It is interesting that the older poems are somewhat negative in scope. I must have been having some tough times then, as it shows in the content. I tend to write emotional poetry and songs about interpersonal relationships. But at other times I am more upbeat and positive. I think this gives good contrast to any CD I put together.

I have recently gotten some great feedback from my nephew on "Redeye Blues", which CD includes some covers of songs as well as ones I have written. I covered a couple of songs from Gordon Lightfoot's "Harmony" CD that I recorded prior to getting the Toneport and Gearbox hardware and software. The Toneport UX1 acts as a pre-amp as well as a sound card so the songs I record have greater volume and bite than songs I recorded using the sound card on the PC. The Toneport allows more emotion to show in the singing as well. I really like selecting the "Warm and Clean" vocal tone for recording. I also use the "Classic Vocal Front" tone which has more treble to it. Gearbox is very good software and it has many choices for vocal tone and guitar style or models. It also allows you to select amp and cabinet sizes.

I'd like to download the newer version but at 66mb it just bombs out on dialup. Every time I get close to getting the full mb's downloaded my service provider cuts me off. I have unlimited time but it will cut me off after approximately 3 hours online. I just redial in, but the connection for the 66mb download does not pause and restart. It starts from the beginning all over again.

I need to borrow a friends broadband connection and copy the program to a CD or DVD. It is odd that Line 6 does not offer the program on CD. A short-coming with Gearbox and the Toneport.

All in all it is a great way to record music. I recommend the Toneport, it comes in different models as well as the UX1. Check out my link in my Favorite Websites.

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