Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seagull 12-string Guitar Collage

I'm listening to Bruce Spring-
steen's One Step Up
right now as I post. It's really mellow and smooth. A bit like my post of today. My Seagull 12-string Guitar as a collage.

I had found this image I had done previously from a photograph taken with my little Gateway DC-T50 a 5.2 mega pixel camera.

I treated the image by creating a golden fractal background using KPT's Collection, and adding a crayon filter to the finished piece. It has been awhile ago so I don't remember all the steps I took. It was done in PhotoPaint.

It's a golden warm image, that really gives the guitar a visual equivalent to it's deep sound. The dreadnought size makes for a fullbodied sound. It is definitely one of my favorite instruments I have owned over the years. It is now bordering on 10 years old and it still sounds wonderful to me. But I am bias I believe. After all it is my only guitar of the moment. I have to like it!

Now I am listening to Cake, a new group for me, one I am unfamiliar with. Interesting influences in their music.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket
via FoxyTunes

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