Friday, March 13, 2009


This is one of my daughter's favorite guitar images I have created. She has a print of it framed and hanging in her apartment.

I added the beveled frame to it today, it gives it a finished appearance.

I used two photos taken at a guitar music store, they were taken at different angles. I did my best in PhotoPaint to remove the traces of the price tags. I copied the one photo to the clipboard and pasted it into the other photograph as an object. Again using the Object Properties I played around with the Opacity of the object photo to allow the other angles to show through. I merged the two together. This gives the piece a depth of quality with guitars hanging everywhere.

If I remember correctly my son took the photographs and should get credit for them so: Photographer - Keir M Gatzka.

I have been reading older copies of Guitar World's Acoustic Guitar magazine and looking at chord progressions from older songs. I hope to discover something I haven't written with yet. I really enjoy adapting and adjusting chord progressions to create a new song. So I am always open to new progressions and new open chords, which are my favorite to use to write to.

I don't know if Guitar World still prints Acoustic Guitar magazine but I found another one of the same title, without the Guitar World publisher at the book store. I really like to peruse the guitar mags at the book store for ideas and information on what is popular, though I play with an older style based upon my roots in the late 60's and early 70's. I may not be mainstream but I enjoy writing songs anyway. Some have that flavor while others are more Country-ish.

I also keep entering contests from Gibson and Epiphone for a chance to win a new guitar. I am looking at 6-string electric or acoustic/electric. If it is not a sweepstakes where I must buy a ticket or a product I gladly enter. One might just win. As the budget doesn't allow for a purchase right now a, win would be something!

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