Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vector - Three Singers Trace and Guitar

I continue with the guitar motif today, and vector art. I really like the way CorelTRACE does a nice job of vectorizing bitmapped images. It leaves something to the imagination as it simplifies the image.

Another photograph by my son, Keir M Gatzka. I traced it and added to it. I created another vector guitar in CorelDRAW using a design from VectorJungle. I had found more cyber plants design there and selected one that suggested the shape of an electric guitar. I added the body, the strings and tuning top. It is a multi-stringed guitar meant to emulate a 12-string. I placed the guitar, resizing it to fit the piece. I had taken some of the microphone stand and placed it in front of the guitar as you would see at a real show.

The image gives the impression that we are listening to a group singing and playing music. It is my piece for today.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Kirk Mathew Gatzka - Broadband Blues
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