Friday, August 12, 2011

Eyes - Victorian Tea Cup and a Brain with a Hat - PhotoPaint

A Victorian tea cup and saucer, a brain, a hat and some eyes, all on a William Morris floral background. This is what makes up today's image.

I opened Picasa 3 and browsed my folders for some Dover Publications clip art. I opened PhotoPaint and began the piece. I found the tea cup and the brain and decided that it would make a good pairing. I used the eraser to get rid of the portion of the cup and brain to settle them together.

I continued to browse and found a grouping of women's hats and selected one. I resized it to fit the upper brain and again erased what was not needed and sat the hat upon the brain.

I browsed my North Light Clip Art Series book and found a series of eyes and scanned in only one set. I again resized to fit with some overlapping for a winged look.

I copied the background to the clipboard and opened File New From Clipboard and copied and pasted the image of the cup et al. I did use the Tone Curve on the background to lighten it and boosted the saturation by 9. I used the layer property Multiply to lay the design upon the background with transparency.

I made the image the right size for display here and added my signature and a beveled frame to finish it.

Listening --- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young --- Sweet Judy Blue Eyes

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