Friday, August 21, 2009

Portrait in Painter 8 - Jesse

Recently I have joined a forum that is compiled of individuals who use Corel's Painter program for digital art. Many print out their work and embellish with traditional materials like acrylics or oils, others print on canvas or high quality paper. There are some very successful digital artists in this medium. Painter mimics traditional painting tools very well and with a tablet for painting is great fun. It is considered the best natural media painting programs available today.

Here is a portrait that started as a cropped photograph taken by my son Keir M Gatzka. I opened it in Painter 8 (current version is 10 or 11 I believe.) I used the Pens Ballpoint Pen brush to do a sketch then used the Watercolor brushes to add color and depth to the piece.

I wanted to do more in the way of portraits and change the custom cars grunge motif for a time. Though I have many photographs to work from. I did do another grunge study which I will post at another time, but for now I am taking a break from them. I need to stretch my digital work a bit so back to portraiture.

Need ideas for a lyric or a title of a song? Lyric Ideas for Songs is a good resource, I have written a few songs from their ideas that they post weekly and daily. Some times you need a boost to get the creative juices flowing and a spark that can grow to glowing embers. I appreciate this site and you may find it useful as well.

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