Monday, August 24, 2009

Portrait in Painter 8 - Veronica

My niece asked for a portrait the other day after seeing the one I did of Jesse. So I took a black and white photo from her Facebook photos and embellished it in Painter 8 using watercolor brushes and pastels with pen and liquid ink brushes.

I enjoy working in Painter 8 and find it fascinating to work with. There is so many choices to make that you can get lost making the right decisions. I have worked with the oils and acrylics brushes too and found they can be quite the challenge, getting a portrait to look just right.

One of the interesting parts of using Painter comes from the use of the natural media traditionally. If you weren't very good at it then you probably won't be with Painter either. The cloning tools are very good though and allow you to get very realistic portraits if you use the brushes for that. But if you become too dependent on them it shows in your work, it looks too photograph like. Then the painterly quality can be lost.

I like to work without cloning too much, as it poses a greater challenge and the possibilities are endless. What you do end up with is more personalized in your own style and not photographic looking. If you want to be an artist you have to take chances with your media and experiment, push it and pull it to your whim.

I will admit that I have ended up with some atrocious pieces that I don't even share with anyone. But there is the inspiration of searching for a style or a new expression of yourself and your creativity. You have to take those moments and learn from them and do better the next time.

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