Monday, June 15, 2009

6-String Guitar - Waterfall

Listening to Tom Petty's Greatest Hits right now. I'm enjoying it! He is a great songwriter, and a good performer, plus his band, great fun!

I have returned to the guitar motif for my image of today. I garnered this photograph from "Tony Jazz" at WetCanvas' reference image library. Many thanks to them for providing a great source of images.

I opened this in PhotoPaint and upped the saturation by 9. Using the Image> Adjust> Tone Curve> I deepened the colors. I applied the Thredgeholder plugin from Little Ink Pot to create the lines. Copied that to the clipboard and pasted it into the image as an object and using the object properties Multiply I made it transparent so the colored image shows through. Then I merged the object to the background.

Just listening to music right now. May practice later on. I have been working on a lyric, the idea taken from Lyric Ideas site, GOT YOUR CLOUDS IN MY SKY. A simple lyric thus far, but no music, chords, melody as of yet. I really like the challenges that they post as they do give you a starting point as a title or a phrase that you can grow a song from.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Into the Great Wide Open

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