Monday, June 1, 2009

12-String Guitar at Rest

My 12-string guitar has been at rest for a few days. I am in a slump, which happens at various times for all of us I would surmise.

I have been listening to music though. Some Guess Who from the late 60's and some George Strait, Country. Differing music can help you to come up with good ideas for songwriting.

Lastnight we also listened to some comedy: "There's Your Sign" and Cosby's "Chicken Heart" and some others of Cosby's. Very good humor and great timing.

Needed a pick me up so the laughter was welcome. Nothing like a good larf.

I used a few filters on this photograph as well as cropping. Opened Picasa 3 to browse using the search function for "guitar" and found this photograph. used the Open With PhotoPaint. Cropped it and saved to the clipboard, closed the photograph and opened from the clipboard. I used the Thredgeholder filter to get some lines and shading. Then I used the undo to bring the image back to the original crop. I used the Effect> Art Strokes> Crayon> filter on the image. Pasted the line image as an object into the piece and used the Object Property> Multiply to make it transparent. Dropped the object to background.

Hope to play some guitar this afternoon. Actually need to to break the slump I'm in.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Guess Who - No Time (Rare Long Version)

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