Monday, June 8, 2009

Classic Red Chevy

ArtRage was a free painting program that imitates oil painting really well on the computer. Now they have placed a small fee for it on their site. It is only $25.00 and for what you get it is a great price.

I have the free version and did this painting of a Classic Red Chevy. I did it in 2007 as the signature shows. It is a challenging program but it really emulates oils wonderfully.

I thought I would stick with a car motif for a few posts, as I have quite a few images of custom cars I have done. I always augment my use of other paint programs with PhotoPaint, as in the case of the windows, chrome, flames for this image. As well as resampling for presentation here.

I had a family gathering to attend yesterday, a graduation party. There were many in attendance, a good group.

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