Thursday, June 11, 2009

Muscle Car and Neil Young

Muscle cars were/are gas guzzlers but they sure are distinctive cars. Many people really like these automobiles and love the classic lines. I did this in ArtRage as I have the others I have been showing recently. Also done in 2007 as a series of 12 images.

I watched an American Masters show on Neil Young last night on PBS. It was very well done. Mr. Young has always been true to his music even when others were what he called "collateral damage", at times. The link above is for broadband users to watch some of his performances.

The show covered his career very thoroughly and had great footage of his performances. I have a copy of CSNY's Music Made Easy for Guitar (basically the DejaVu album) and have covered "Helpless" and other songs from the book. I have included them in my recordings for my family and friends.

I had my wife listen to my newest song effort and she likes it as an instrumental. She felt it was smooth and catchy as it stands now. So I may not add any lyrics to it. The lead I play on it is simple and basic. For those interested in chord progressions I used the following:

G D Em Am D for the main verses
C G, C G, C G, Am-D Am-D Am-D for the chorus
Am7 Em7 D7 for the bridge.

With a basic strumming through the song, I did a quick change on the Am-D in the chorus. If you copy it you will find it a pleasant progression to work through. Enjoy!

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Neil Young - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

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