Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Classic Boatback Automobile

Though you can't see the "boatback" rearend of this vehicle it is a Classic. This photograph was taken years ago with my Pentax K1000 35mm camera, at Howell, Michigan. They had a hot air balloon fest complete with car show and eats and live music.

I scanned in this photograph at 300dpi and opened it in PhotoPaint. I increased the saturation by about 7, sharpened it and Blur> Tune Blur> directional blur> softened it a bit. I filtered it with KPT's Collection Pyramid Paint. Added the "blue" sky with a gradient fill. Now it has a soft painterly look to it.

I like the background of this as it shows other classic cars in the show and people enjoying it all.

My song about "Reputation" is building slowly. I am using words like legacy and integrity and reap. Interesting challenge this one. I am working on it more than some subjects as a good reputation is an important thing, it means a lot. "What is their Reputation like?," is a common question about business, individuals, manufacturers and so on. The song is more about one's personal reputation than business.

I plug along, steadily.

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