Friday, June 5, 2009

DaVinci and Dover Clip Art Montage

I have a lot of different images by DaVinci and some Dover Clip Art and I played around with them today to create this montage image for today's post. It doesn't have a music theme as many of my images do. But it is striking in it's own way.

I used PhotoPaint and browsed for images to use in Picasa 3. I was striving for a balanced piece with the DaVinci drawn face and binary code, alphabetic characters, along with some floral images.

I may have some time today for practicing guitar and playing with lyrics and chord progression. I may try to put "Just a Chill Out Song" to music. Depends on how long I have quiet here. The neighbor just finished mowing and weed-whacking his lawn. Man was it noisy! But it really needed it it was way too long.

I think I am pretty much out of my slump, now. Which is way cool. I really hate a long dry spell creatively. I have had much encouragement from others to ride it out and look ahead to better times. Always appreciated!

Now playing on Windows Media Player: George Strait - Ocean Front Property

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