Saturday, June 13, 2009

Classic Mustang - Recording

"Mustang Sally" was a hit song many years ago as I am sure some of you remember. This blue Mustang is another painting done in ArtRage, the detail on the engine was tedious to get it right, but worth the work.

I hope you are enjoying the Custom Cars motif I have been displaying. The paintings were great to work on and produce with the aid of digital painting programs like ArtRage.

I have a few guitar images I have garnered from the Reference Library on WetCanvas that I will be experimenting with soon. I do love a good guitar piece and like creating them.

As I was practicing yesterday on the guitar, I found a couple of Beatles tunes that I have had for some time, from the old OLGA website. Chords and words together.

I decided to record two of them as covers, "If You've Got Trouble" and "I'm Looking Through You." They both turned out pretty good but I like the second one I mentioned the best.

I had to capo up to the third fret to sing it. Without the capo it was way to high a vocal for me to sing, even though I have a fairly high singing voice, my range is OK. I don't know if I would be considered a tenor, never had anyone tell me if I am. I don't know the names of all the vocal ranges well and where I appear on the chart.

You can always have a good time with a Beatles song. They wrote some great tunes.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Adam Ant - Wonderful

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