Monday, October 22, 2012

"Three Exploded Guitars" CorelTRACE, CorelDRAW - Plus

Gilbert Guitars Exploded

With Guitars in mind I searched for a photograph in my Picasa 3.9 folders. I found a pleasing photograph of three Gilbert Guitars. I opened the large file in CorelTRACE and turned it into a vector graphic.

Next I opened it with CorelDRAW and ungrouped all the pieces of the vector graphic. I exploded them and duplicated parts and placed them to my taste. I copied to the clipboard and opened in Corel PhotoPaint with New from Clipboard, resizing to 65% the original size.

I searched my Mayang's Textures in Picasa and opened one of light and water droplets with Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4. I painted it as a Detailed Watercolor with Impression color settings. I saved this file and closed Essentials.

Using Picasa I copied the image to the clipboard and pasted as New from Clipboard to PhotoPaint. I rotated it 90 degrees to a portrait size, approximately the same size as the exploded guitars.

I then copied the guitar image (which I saved.) Then I pasted it onto the Watercolor background. I resized it a bit to more closely fit the background. I used the Property Multiply to add it with transparency, to the colored background. I also used the Tone Curve on it before merging to lighten it a bit.

I merged the layers Guitars with watercolor background. I saved this iteration. I added my signature in white. Using Filter Forge's Frames I added a Film frame to this piece. I resampled for display size, and resaved this iteration.

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