Friday, July 15, 2011

1986 Vintage Face - Painter 11 - PhotoPaint

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I took an old 1986 advertisement with a woman's face and opened PhotoPaint to scan it in. I used 150dpi and the size was almost 8"x11". Using the eraser I cleaned up the image of any text or other artifacts.

In PhotoPaint I applied the Image> Transform> Threshold to make the scan black and white. I saved the large file. I opened Painter 11 and created a new blank 8"x10" image file. I use File> Place> to import the face into a layer.

I opened a new layer and filed it with a burgundy color and selected the face layer. I used the property Multiply to make the white transparent. I used some watercolor brushes to paint on the watercolor layer and added color around the eyes and shadows for the under the cheekbones.

Using some Ink brushes I added color to the whites of the eyes and painted designs on the face. After that I chose a splattery watercolor brush, switched to the watercolor layer and applied some strokes around the outlined lips.

I added texture using the Apply Surface Texture Effect to the entire image. I upped the saturation a bit for the current colors boost.

I used File> Place> again for a Celtic design asymmetrical frame, from my Dover Clip Art, and erased away the center white area and some of the design covering the one eye. I applied another composite layer property for transparency. I early on had saved the image as a riff file.

Now I cloned the whole image and dropped all layers to one and saved as a large jpg file. I added my signature and resampled for the web. Saving that file as a jpg.

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