Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Cannot Interrupt the Trip - Grunge - CorelDRAW - PhotoPaint

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The image entitled "I Cannot Interrupt the Trip," was created in CorelDRAW and adjusted in PhotoPaint.

I opened CorelDRAW and imported from my Rust Textures folder four differing rusty texture photographs. I resized them and placed them with the last one being put on an angle.

I went online to and copied a partial quote from Jules Verne, and placed that on the imported textures. I used the typeface Benard MT Condensed for the text phrase. I forced justified the full quote, using the color yellow.

I added the portion of the quote in large text and placed it on top the image. I duplicated that quote in a brown color to offset from the white, lending more interest to the large text. This was left justified.

I grouped the pieces together and copied to the clipboard. I opened PhotoPaint and pasted as New from Clipboard the large file, which I saved.

I went into Filter Forge's Photo Effects Grunge and selected a variant. I adjusted the stains and amount of texture for that grunge look and feel, without overpowering the image. This also placed a frame around the full piece. I saved the large image.

I resampled and added my signature to complete the piece.

Listening --- The Beatles --- Day Tripper

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