Monday, July 11, 2011

Vintage Dresses - Vectors - CorelDRAW - PhotoPaint

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A Vintage plus Vector graphic image is the focus of today's piece. I opened Picasa 3 and browsed my recent pictures and found a catalog display of some vintage dresses from my Dover Sampler. I took the image and opened in PhotoPaint and applied the Image> Transform> Threshold> to create the black and white base image.

I duplicated the image and filled it with red. I then took the back and white image and copied and pasted it to the red filled background. Applying the property Multiply I got rid of the white and merged the two together.

Once I had the red and black piece I copied to the clipboard, opened CorelDRAW and pasted it into a new landscape workspace. I used the freehand drawing tool to create the first yellow curve. I adjusted the curve with the bezier tool to make it more uniform.

I then duplicated it once, shrank it down to size to fit within the other curve then using duplicate I created the other curves automatically. I added the yellow orb and grouped them all together. I duplicated that grouping and rotated it to fit the opposite corner.

I grouped the entire image and copied it to the clipboard. switching to PhotoPaint I opened it with File> New from Clipboard>, added my name and copyright in Arial Rounded MT Bold.

I deliberately kept the image simple using only bright colors to make the black fashion standout. I saved the larger image and resampled for display here.

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