Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Typography Play in CorelDRAW and Painter 11

Click for Larger Image

I've been looking at a lot of Typography Art lately and was compelled to play with some. I opened CorelDRAW and created the image above. I used some very basic typefaces and tried to make as interesting an image as possible with them. I worked in black and white for the greater part of the image creation and used the Polyline tool for the black design in the lower right hand corner.

I grouped the entire image together then copied it to the clipboard and pasted it into PhotoPaint and converted it to a jpg. Saving the large file I opened it with Painter 11, creating a new layer and filled it with the golden yellow background. I switched to the beginning image layer and used the property Multiply for transparency. Switching back I added paper texture to the colored layer, then dropped all to merge the layers. I again saved the large file to resample in PhotoPaint for display here.

Listening --- to the birds outside my windows --- beautiful

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