Sunday, May 24, 2009

David In Blue

It is our 34th wedding anniver-
today! We had a fancy lunch out and now are hanging around the house. It is a beautiful day and we are enjoying it.

Today's image is a Photograph taken by David Benjamin, a self portrait using my Canon Rebel XTi. I opened it in Paint.NET. There I used the Artistic> Oil Painting filter and also applied the Artistic> Pencil Sketch filter. I saved the file and tinted it in Picasa 3. Saving that form I opened it in PhotoPaint and added a frame.

Right now I am reviewing my song list in Windows Media Player through my stereo hook up. I've done quite a few recordings that I think are fairly good, some covers and many I wrote myself. I think I need a larger audience, but am afraid to share on the web and lose ownership rights to the songs. Plus I don't want to have to pay for covering other's songs. So I guess I'll stick with family and friends. I need input on my work to continue to grow.

You can create in a vacuum but it is not nearly as much fun.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Kirk Mathew Gatzka - She's My Kind of Rain Cover

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