Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vector Portrait

It is a coincidence that this image looks like one of my nephews as it is not based upon a photograph of him, but it does. I used CorelDRAW 12 to draw this based upon a photograph of unknown origin.

I did get some help with this from a forum, suggestions were made to make some changes that gave the image needed punch.

I used the fills that come with CorelDRAW 12, for the background and foreground. I used the gradient fills for the rest of the face and the shirt.

The suggestions I received concerned the hair and beard. So I added some texture to them with additional fill work.

I have a friend visiting from Missouri and we played around with the Toneport and Gearbox software yesterday. He sang and played my 12-string, Folsom Prison Blues a Johnny Cash tune. He has a deep voice and it recorded very nicely. We played around with the microphone settings and we had some fun. It was an enjoyable time.

He is also a professional photographer - his website is David Benjamin Photography. Take a look and you'll find he is very talented.

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