Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Painter 8 Plus Traditional Pastels

I have done today's image using traditional pastels and paper. I took the original photograph and opened it in Painter 8 where I made a drawing/sketch of the young lady. I printed this out in 8.5x11 format on drawing paper then I used my pastels to do the portrait.

After i was done with that scanned in the resulting image and opened it in Painter 8 once again. There I painted the image using textured brushes to give it 'body'.

I love the red hair of this young lady and it's fullness. I did my best to capture the essence of her attractiveness. One aspect of the photograph was her left eye did not show very well so one mostly sees the eyelashes and general shape of it.

I did some recording yesterday afternoon. I used the Toneport and set my microphone setting on "Detroit RnB Vocal". Then I recorded a cover of Neil Young's "Helpless". It is such a short song I lengthened it by singing it twice. I added a simple lead without using my pickup just the microphone with the same vocal setting. I's a sweet song. I am going to cover "Ohio" and "Our House" from the book based on CSNY's Deja Vu album for easy guitar.

In May was the anniversary of the Kent State ("Ohio") shootings, I saw the front page from the New York Times "on this day" blurb. So it has been on my mind.

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