Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vector Portrait - Resting on Hand

I have found that many like these vector portraits I did in late 2008. As an experience in design and art I enjoy doing these but after a series of them I switched to other art projects. I may make a return to doing them if I find some good subject matter. Portraits are the best as they focus in on the face, which is one of my favorite preoccupations in art.

One source for drawing faces is Wikihow which includes a video and links, there were many references to 'portraits' on Google.

One of my favorite references is the book: "Drawing the Human Head" by Burne Hogarth. I've done some fictional people from studying this book and I have received many compliments about the two main ones I did. I used pencil, pastels, pen and ink for these studies. I have them hanging up in my office/studio. Persons always ask me who they are and I have to explain they come from my imagination.

There is something so interesting about the human face, it's expressions, what it tells you about a person, it is immediately identifiable. I am drawn to it as subject matter.

Doing the vector portraits requires me to simplify the face to it's basic elements. I like the challange and the results for the most part. But pastels and pen and ink allow more detail so I also use them for more traditional work. But I almost always digitize an image and work on it in my computer programs. Eventhough digital art still is not as widely accepted I, for one, am fascinated by Digital Visual Art.

Another great book is: "The Painter 8 Wow! Book" by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis. Since I still use Painter 8 I really like this book. It is very inspriational and practical for using Corel's Painter 8 program, makes for great Digital Visual Art technique.

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