Monday, May 4, 2009

Vector Portrait - Girl with Flowers

With spring come flowers in the gardens. Here is a vector portrait of a gal holding out flowers in her hand. I did this in CorelDraw 12 from a photograph. I use the freehand drawing tool to create the shapes and use the gradient fills to give the flat image some depth.

I like the prepackaged fills for the hair and background of these pieces. The ones that come with CorelDraw. And the gradient fills allow you to select radial fills which give a nice soft appearance to the face and eyes and lips.

I have done a number of these pieces , many in 2008. Taking a photograph and creating a vector image is a challenge I enjoy. I think they turn out fairly good.

Last night I watched the second disk of Eric Clapton's Crossroads DVD done in Texas (I think it was done in 2004). The closing act was ZZTop. The number and quality of guitarists and performers is just amazing. I am constantly fascinated by the talent of these many different guitar players, singer songwriters. Very inspiring. I only wish I was a fast as some of them. I tend to be a middle ground rocker , blues player. My speed for lead playing is only at a comfortable pace and not nearly as quick and nimble as these men are.

It is a great show and I recommned any of Clapton's shows on DVD.

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