Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grunge Design - Guitar Hero or Guitar Player

Even though I have played guitar since I was 13 years old I am really bad at Guitar Hero's game. I've tried it out at my daughter and son n law's place and I was just terrible. Poor hand eye coordination I suppose, and a desire to play chords instead of switches.

If you are good at Guitar Hero, I think that is cool, but have you tried to learn an instrument like a guitar? The satisfaction of playing an instrument in a passable manner is greatly rewarding in itself. It is also a great thing to write songs, to create music, chords, melody, tempo and so on.

The image I am sharing was done in PhotoPaint and I used a free texture from the Dr. Web site. I used the Thredgeholder filter on the guitars with the object property set to Color Burn. I added just a couple of guitars and some free grunge fonts I like. I am currently using this image as my background on Twitter. I had been using a simpler image that takes less time to load, but I have looked at some other's backgrounds and decided to add a little to mine.

I could not sleep last night so I worked on my new song that I had already put together the chords and melody. I was thinking of lyrics and asking myself the questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? And I came up with a lyric that asks these same questions. I may need to re-record it as I was a little sloppy on the overdubbing of my singing. But it's taking shape!

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Kirk Mathew Gatzka - Who What Where When Why and How?


  1. Have tried Guitar Hero recently and I admit I was terrible too :)But I enjoyed it a lot, just like my first few years playing the guitar, trying to learn the barre chords, lol! But you know, everything can be done with perseverance...

    Nice art!

  2. Lis,

    Thanks for your comment! Alas I have very small hands and have trouble with barre chords too. I will try to persevere in my guitar playing, but I'll leave Guitar Hero to the experts!

    Thanks for the link too!